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 The Codroy Valley Credit Union is one of the most successful Credit Unions in the province. With four locations and a vibrant healthy local economy based on several key industries, the Codroy Valley Credit Union is poised for growth. New products and online services enable it to compete head to head with other financial industry organizations. banksy wall stickers

Consolidate Today

Are you aware that the average credit card rate is 18.9%? The Codroy Valley Credit Union offers personal loans to its members for as low as prime. Acquiring a personal loan, at a lower interest rate, with us, to be used to pay off your credit card debt would reduce the amount of interest that you pay, thus eliminating your credit card debt quicker and at a lower cost to you.

For example, if you have an outstanding credit card balance of $3000.00 with an interest rate of 18.9% and it takes you two years to repay this amount, your monthly payment would be $151.15, thereby repaying $3,627.60 in total after two years. Whereas a personal loan of $3000.00 with us at an interest rate of 9.0%, your monthly payment would be $137.50 and you would repay $3,289.20. You save $338.40.

Contact your local branch of the Codroy Valley Credit Union and speak to a representative about a personal loan and stop paying high interest rates today!





Saving Account
$5001 - $10000 - 0.25%

banksy wall stickers
$0-$4999 - 0%

Chequing Account
$10001 - $25000 - 0.08%

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5 Years - 2.60%

Effective Date: 1/17/2006

Member Business Plan
Keep your operation running smooth and organized. CVCU makes business chequing a breeze!

Banking Made Simple
Join over 2000 members of the Codroy Valley Credit Union and enjoy banking convience at its best. Tired of long line ups, inconvienent hours, voice m Click here for more.